Workplace Nudging

Quick wins for organisations in a state of flux

Workplace Nudging

Convincing employees to change their behavior might be the biggest challenge when implementing new ways of working. By using nudges, achieving behavioral change becomes easier and more fun! These tiny temptations stimulate different behavior in a positive way and is based on the intrinsic motivation of employees. Curious about this method? In coorporation with the workplace experts from WorkWire, we like to inform you about the possibilities!

In practice

The technique of nudging stimulates people to think and act differently: it is a way to challenge them and change their habits! With the right message, look and feel, you create a clear and understandable context in which the desired change can occur. Ideal for organisations that want to integrate new technologies in their business model.

Janneke Buijs:                         "Many organisations still think of office design as tables and chairs, rather than a means of communication."

Want to get started with Workplace Nudging in coorporation with Janneke and WorkWire? Contact us, so we can take a look at the possibilites for your desired behavioral change!


WorkWire's Method

WorkWire developed the method Workplace Nudging. Using fast, concrete interventions, employees get stimulated to create new working habits in a positive way. The method consists of the following fundamental points:

  • Bespoke solution
  • Fits the DNA of the organisation
  • Bottom-up
  • Inspiring

Characteristics of a nudge

The nudges used within the method of WorkWire have the same characteristics, amongst which:

  • The nudge is not an obligation, but a choice
  • The nudge has a positive approach
  • An addition to the environment, not a replacement

More information?

Download our Whitepaper and discover everything about WorkWire's method of Workplace Nudging.

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WorkWire & Ahrend

In today's changing market, Ahrend and WorkWire have formed a partnership. We share a common ambition: to create environments in which people and organisations can make the most of their strengths. The end user is our primary concern: we put people first. In working towards this goal, Ahrend concentrates on the physical furnishings and WorkWire focuses on the conceptual and behavioural aspects. This creates a mutual synergy in which we complement one another and enhance the proposition we bring to the client.

Check out WorkWire and Workplace Nudging for more information.

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