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The smart usage of your square metres begins with measurements and analyses. Ahrend offers a comprehensive innovative measurement, which gives you insights into the utilisation of the work environment as well as the activities that take place at that specific place. 

The measurement consists of three parts:

1. Temporary installation of sensors which measure occupancy rate

2. Observation of performed activities at specific places

3. User experiences

Get more out of your work environment

By combining the information from these different measurements, you gain a complete understanding of the usage and appreciation of your work / learning environment. This gives you valuable data to make fundamental changes in order to make your workspace more efficient.

Occupancy Rate

The occupation and the course of the occupation of workplaces will become transparent by placing sensors. These sensors measure the exact use of work and meeting places in both open and enclosed spaces. When the number of people using a consultation space is larger than the capacity, this may indicate that there are too few consultation rooms of the right size. After the baseline, you will receive a report with advice on optimisation of the work environment.

The right activity at the right place

On the basis of anonymous and physical observations, Ahrend provides insights into which activities are done at which place. For example, which places do they use for consultation, for calling and for concentrated work? Through observation, it will be possible to test whether the interior concept fulfils the specific needs of the business. This method is very effective for organisations that are using work processes like Activity Based Working, Agile or Scrum methodologies.

User experiences

A work environment can only be effective from the moment the users are totally supported and feel comfortable in every way. For example, are there enough places for privacy? And are the employees satisfied with the acoustics in the workplace? Through surveys,  Ahrend gains insights into the user experience and roles out recommendations to improve the work environment in which the employee is the central point of focus.

By combining the information from the different measurements, you get a complete picture of the use and appreciation of your work or learning environment.

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