Ahrend Asset Management

One tool for managing all your furniture

Ahrend Asset Management

Organizations are becoming more flexible. Workplaces are therefore continuously changing, which makes managing it a lot more complex and disordered. What furniture is where, in what condition is it and what is the value? To make management and maintenance as easy as possible, Ahrend introduces the Ahrend Asset Management System. The tool for a thorough inventory and valuation of furniture. 

Insight in all of your furniture

The Ahrend Asset Management System offers you the perfect solution. Giving you a clear picture about the status of your furniture at every site around the globe, on every floor in every room, at the press of a button. 

  • Real-time product information 
  • Insights in current location of the product 
  • Automatic condition and depreciation functionality per product 
  • Receive and manage damage and movement requests
  • Online environment to maintain locations, products and users  


The benefits

  • Because the products are uniquely identified, re-ordering or ordering similar products is very simple
  • Optimal life-cycle management: due to the status of the furniture, preventative maintenance can be planned and budget can be better predicted
  • Damage issues can be easily managed and followed in the system
  • Furniture can easily be moved without losing the overview
  • In case of internal removals or moving furniture, overhead costs can be charged internally.
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How does it work?

Each piece of furniture is provided with an RFID tag and a unique QR code in our factory. The furniture is linked to the Ahrend Asset Management System, which gives you real-time insight into your furniture. The product identification can also be applied to existing furniture.

Adding RFID to the QR code provides the following additional benefits:

  • With RFID, only one press of the button is required to gain insight into all assets in space, saving you a lot of energy, time and money
  • QR and barcodes wear out over time. This is not the case with RFID
  • With RFID, a network can be created that automatically traces your furniture. This allows you to automatically charge the costs internally to the department where the furniture is placed


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology which allows you to save and read information from tags on a long distance. Multiple assets in a distance of 10 meters can be scanned with one push on the button. Besides, a RFID network can build which automatically traces your furniture. This way you can easily charge the internal costs to the department where the furniture is placed. 

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QR code

In daily use, furniture can (unintentionally) get dirty or damaged. Thanks to the QR code, every member of your staff can easily identify a product or make a service call. The administrator will judge the notification and will forward it directly to Ahrend if needed. This way the service call gets resolved quickly and efficiently. 

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In the Netherlands there are several suppliers active within the Facility Management Information Systems market. Amongst them are: Axxerion, Facilitor, Famas, NPQ, Planon, TOPdesk and Ultimo.

Ahrend Asset Management works as an independent system, but also works as an addition to another FMIS. Ahrend offers the possibility to connect your current FMIS to the Asset Management System. This way you can have a total overview of all your assets, and all the specified information regarding status and value.

In short

Ahrend Asset Management offers an accurate and up-to-date overview of all your furniture items, makes maintenance, replacement and reordering more easy and optimises the life cycle of the furniture. It’s not only sustainable but creates savings too!

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