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To help prolong the life of your furniture, management and maintenance are important. By doing this periodically or preventively, the furniture can be maintained to an optimal state. By combining our service modules, Ahrend management and maintenance can be applied any time.

Asset Management

Good management starts with an inventory. To ensure correct and useful insights, Ahrend Asset Management implements a complete inventory of the furniture (location, type of furniture, state and possible value). Your furniture will be provided with a unique bar / QR code or RFID tag. In this way, your furniture is easily identifiable in the Ahrend Asset Management App. Determining the condition and value can take place periodically.

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Maintenance is essential in order to help prolong the life of your furniture. Maintenance of your furniture can occur both periodically and preventively. The Ahrend Handyman fixes any issues instantly. The Handyman will also make sure the maintenance process will be organised in the most efficient way.

Ahrend Service Engineer

In addition to maintaining your furniture, the Ahrend Service Engineer can provide primary facility care with one single point of contact. From the repair of kitchen cabinets to replacing lamps or securing a loose door handle, the Ahrend Service Engineer is your direct and single point of contact any time.

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