Interior Design & Concepts


A good interior design concept is able to fully support your employees whilst performing their daily activities. Ahrend’s creative interior architects and designers will develop a total design concept for your (new) work environment. Based on your needs, they will help you design a new office interior, matching your corporate identity.

Interior Architecture & Design

The designers and architects of the Ahrend Studio develop interior design concepts in the broadest sense of the word. Whether it is about the establishment of a single room or a concept for your entire building. The interior designers translate your wishes into an innovative design concept to match your corporate identity.

Product Implementation for Architects

In need of advise on sourcing and selecting products to complement your interior design? Our Ahrend Design Specialists offer multiple alternatives to reflect your budget and key drivers. Specialists from the Ahrend Studios are well informed and understand the latest trends and products in the market. They will offer you options of different brands, from the Royal Ahrend portfolio and its many strategic product partners.

3D Walk Through

Want to show your new workplace concept in a surprising way to your employees, so they will be part of the new concept? Ahrend visualises your workplace concept in a 3D Walkthrough, so employees get a true idea of the (new) building.

Workplace Consultancy

Are you interested in finding out if your new design concept optimises all the different spaces in your office? The Workplace Consultant goes beyond simply delivering a design scheme. The consultant will focus in on your organisation; from its strategy and activities, providing recommendation such as  change management which inevitably bring financial benefits. The consultant also helps with the transition to new office lifestyles , such as Agile and Activity Based Working.

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