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A healthy working environment contributes to productivity, vitality and wellbeing of the employee. Organisations who priorities their  employees’ wellbeing, have higher employee satisfaction and lower absenteeism. Ahrend offers suitable and effective solutions to help your employees with working in a healthy and ergonomic way.

Workshop – work healthy

Would you like to teach your employees how to work in a healthy, ergonomic way? In this workshop, our ergonomist examines various aspects; from a healthy work posture and the proper adjustment of the office chair, to the correct use of ergonomic tools.

Individual Ergonomic Advice

An Individual Ergonomic Advice can provide a solution for employees with specific physical complaints. The Ahrend ergonomist gives personal advice to reduce symptoms and could make adjustments in the workplace or seating arrangements. An Individual Ergonomic Advice makes sure your employees can work complaint-free and healthy again.

Individual Workplace Instruction

Looking for a good start in your new work environment? After the completion, our ergonomist will visit you to provide your employees with an Individual Workplace Instruction. The Instruction consists of advice, risk analysis and the establishment of an ergonomic passport.

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