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Deliver your property carefree

Ahrend Clean & Green makes sure your location is ready for delivery and goes beyond just the removal of your furniture. Depending on your wishes, your property will be emptied and cleaned completely. We will take care of the entire process in a responsible way, so you can leave your property carefree.

Careful approach

Ahrend Clean & Green makes sure your location(s) will be completely empty and clean. The inventory is carried out in a careful, sustainable and responsible way, by means of the five-step plan. See below:

Insights into your sustainable steps:

With the Clean & Green report, you will get clear insights of how socially responsible your organisation has cleaned and emptied your location(s). You will have a clear view on which current ways are being used to drain the inventory; by reuse, refurbishment, donation, recycling or disposal. Per section, the score is calculated, based on three areas:

  • Environment
  • Financial
  • Social Repsonsible

Working together, stronger together

Ahrend's CSR policy focuses on human beings. We strongly believe in goals with an added value on a social base. Hence we started a collaboration with different Social Refund foundations.

These companies, focused on human development, allow people with a distance to the labour market to get back to work. They are trained professionally by Ahrend, thus achieving maximum results with emptying and cleaning buildings. 

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