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An office design incorporating the latest trends

As an expert in the field of professional work environments, Ahrend knows the office interior can improve productivity, motivation and the health of employees, which attracts new talent and customers. Thanks to leasing, it is now even easier to set up your office according to the latest trends, without a major investment in advance and for a fixed monthly fee.

A new office never was this easy

  • From € 20 - per workplace per month
  • Available from 8 workstations or an order value of € 10,000
  • No high initial costs, therefore freeing up your capital

Lease a workplace for € 20 per month

The transition to New Ways of Working, a fully equipped office or an extension of some workplaces; with Ahrend Leasing your options are endless for a fixed monthly fee and without large upfront investments. A new workplace is available from just € 20 per month. With Ahrend Leasing you can keep your financial resources available for your core business and be in control of costs.

Flexible Solutions

Flexibility is the critical success factor to your business. Future proof your organisation so it adapts with the ever-changing market, digitisation and logistical changes.  By adopting this practical and flexible approach the interior and its furniture are able to adjust quickly and easily.

Ahrend Leasing offers appropriate solutions. You are totally flexible when it comes to your interior with products that always meet the highest requirements in terms of design, ergonomics and durability.

Leading in sustainability

Ahrend sets the highest standards of sustainability. Our products are not only manufactured  in a sustainable way, Ahrend is always thinking about the reuse and recycling of its products during the design process. Our philosophy is that products should have a timeless design and be of such quality they can and will be reused permanently. Therefore, the products are checked after your lease and revitalised if necessary, ready for a new life.

Enjoy the benefits of Ahrend Leasing:

  • Rent a workplace for € 20 per month
  • Available from 8 workplaces or an order value of € 10,000
  • No direct large investment required for a fully equipped working environment
  • Control your costs per workplace by a fixed fee per month
  • Flexibility in design
  • Lease expiry: from 36 months
  • Design according to the latest trends
  • Products meet the highest requirements in terms of design, ergonomics and durability

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