Acoustic Measurement

Koning Willem I College

The student canteen of the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch was ready for renewal. The canteen is used as a daily lunchroom by over 100 students. Furthermore, the canteen is incidentally used for hosting events for up to 300 visitors, such as the yearly graduation event.

The assignment

The canteen must accommodate 100 students, while taking into consideration that the interior should be flexible and moveable whenever an event occurs. Apart from that, the multifunctional design has to guarantee great acoustics in the canteen.

The solution

Ahrend’s interior architect has created an interior concept which uses flexible and stackable furniture.

The interior design concept has been tested by our Acoustic Expert to guarantee a great acoustic solution. The test results show that an extra investment in noise absorbing wall panels is essential to attain comfortable acoustics in a busy environment for 100 students.

Furthermore, the advice is to use directional speakers when hosting events, which improves the intelligibility of the speaker. 


After the realization of the project, an after measurement was performed. This evaluation has proven that the measures taken have led to improved acoustics, which in turn result in a better daily use of the environment.

The Acoustic Measurement in the canteen of the Koning Willem I College

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