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While open plan offices are very common, they often provide distracting acoustics. Several studies have shown that poor acoustics have a negative impact on employees’ productivity, health and well-being. In short; reason enough to take acoustics in the workplace seriously. We can help you find the right acoustic solution to match your situation. 


Why is acoustics so important?

• Only 28% of employees in an office landscape are satisfied with the acoustics (Leesman Index, 2014)

• Poor acoustics is the second most common complaint in the work environment

• Every break means a loss of concentration for 10-15 minutes and decreases productivity by 10-15%

• Exposure to noise brings health risks with it, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stress and sleep disorders

Acoustic Consultancy

Are you experiencing acoustics problems in the work environment? Our Acoustics Consultant can help you to find out the extent and nature of these problems.

The Ahrend Acoustic Consultant analyses the activities and environmental factors in your work environment to come up with a tailored advice.

Acoustics measurements

In the case of acoustics, measurements are of great importance. The Acoustic Measurement maps your acoustic situation. Based on the measurements and research, our Acoustics Consultant will provide you with a proven advisory report. Subsequently, the solutions are applied, and will be re-done with a measurement in order to show the results.

Acoustic measurement - Koning Willem I College

Acoustic measurement for Koning Willem I College

The student canteen of the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch was ready for renewal. The canteen is used as a daily lunchroom by over 100 students. Furthermore, the canteen is incidentally used for hosting events for up to 300 visitors, such as the yearly graduation event. After the realization of the project, an after measurement was performed. This evaluation has proven that the measures taken have led to improved acoustics, which in turn result in a better daily use of the environment.

More about Acoustic measurement for Koning Willem I College


Tips for good acoustics

  • Integrate noise zones in the interior of the building. By doing this, you can prevent activities from affecting each other negatively
  • Place interfering noise sources, such as printers and fans in quiet surroundings
  • Isolate disruptive noises. For example, create a closed space with the Ahrend Flexbox
  • Solve noise problems by implementing a combination of acoustic solutions for the ceiling, floor and panels

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