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Ahrend Smart Working Services

Ahrend introduces Smart Working Services

Ahrend introduces Smart Working Services, smart technological apps which support facility managers and employees. With the Smart Working App employees can easily find colleagues and available workplaces, making flexible working more productive. The second service is a smart asset management tool for facility managers.


Smart Working App

The Smart Working App helps to navigate the user around the workplace. It innovatively solves issues such as ‘where is my colleague?’ and ‘which workstation is free?’. 

The service provides facility managers with a monthly dashboard featuring work, meeting and quite rooms. This allows them to better manage energy use, cleaning and maintenance and customise the furniture in the office based on use.

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Ahrend PuK

The Ahrend PuK offers an integrated workplace solution for wireless charging of smartphones and is fully compatible with the Smart Office App. The app works using so-called ‘beacon technology’. The technology is housed in the Ahrend PuK, which is integrated into the tabletop. As soon as you place your smartphone on a PuK, the app automatically notifies it that you checked in.

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The smartphone charges wirelessly via the PuK, so dead batteries are a thing from the past

Asset Management App

The Asset Management App offers facility managers the ability to manage the furniture in the office using an app. The service relies on QR codes, which are applied to the furniture. Once you scan the QR code with your mobile or tablet, you get several choices: change location, report damage, call and/or order. The app makes it easy to change and update the location and/or status of the furniture. Asset management is thus suddenly a lot easier.

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Office Magazine about Ahrend Smart Working Services

Smart Working Services

Arnold Struik, Concept & Design Director Ahrend, was interviewed by Office Magazine about Ahrend Smart Working Services. Read the article for his view on Smart Working App and the smart Asset Management tool.

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