Asset Management

Ahrend Asset Management

Good management of furniture starts with inventory. Therefore, the Asset Management System is a useful tool in managing furniture. In order to make the most effective inventory, it is useful to identify the furniture per item. This possibility often fails in existing systems, as well as detailed product information about the state and value. This makes maintenance difficult because it is unclear what asset it is.

In order to make management and maintenance as simple as possible, Ahrend introduces the Ahrend Asset Management System. This smart tool gives organizations insight into location, type, state, purchase, and current value of furniture. Ahrend Asset Management is available as a separate system, but can also be integrated into a current FMIS.

Check out this video about the new Ahrend Asset Management System!

With one press of the button, you get insight into location, type of furniture, state, purchase and current value

The benefits:

With the Ahrend Asset Management System you always have insight into the status and value of your furniture. The system offers many advantages:

  • Because the products are uniquely identified, re-ordering or ordering similar products is very simple
  • Due to the status of the furniture, preventative maintenance can be planned and budget can be better predicted. This optimizes the life-cycle management 
  • Damage issues can be easily managed and followed in the system
  • Furniture can easily be moved without losing the overview
  • In case of internal removals or moving furniture, overhead costs can be charged internally

How does it work?

Each piece of furniture is provided with an RFID tag and a unique QR code in our factory. The furniture is linked to the Ahrend Asset Management System, which gives you real-time insight into your furniture. The product identification can also be applied to existing furniture.

Adding RFID to the QR code provides the following additional benefits:

  • With RFID, only one press of the button is required to gain insight into all assets in space, saving you a lot of energy, time and money
  • QR and barcodes wear out over time. This is not the case with RFID
  • With RFID, a network can be created that automatically traces your furniture. This allows you to automatically charge the costs internally to the department where the furniture is placed