Ahrend Smart Working App

A new approach to office-sharing

Activity Based Working requires a different perspective on furnishing. This means the lay-out enhances the productivity and creativity of your organisation. The result is a new approach to office-sharing.

The Smart Working App helps to navigate the user around the workplace. It innovatively solves issues such as ‘where is my colleague?’ and ‘which workstation is free?’. The App is available in the following languages: German, French, Dutch and English.

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How does it work?

1. Find an available workstation

  • Scroll down on the Smart Working App to find an available workstation.
  • or search by type, floor or location or use the search bar.
  • You can also get a visual display by tapping on the floor plan icon (optional)
User-friendly interface to easily find an available workstation.
Our Ahrend studio can create a dynamic floor plan of your buidling, a section or floor to view on every user's smartphone.

2. Easy check-in

The moment you occupy a workstation you can check in with your smartphone by simply placing it on the Ahrend PuK 2. You’ll quickly be notified that the device is recognised and that you’re checked in. The PuK will also wirelessly charge your device thanks to Qi-technology.
Now your colleagues can easily find you and they know that the workstation is occupied.
When you remove your smartphone from the Ahrend PuK you will automatically remain checked in for 2 hours (depending on your policy).

3. Find your colleague

  • To find where a colleague is, just scroll down on the app.
  • You can also create favourites, which will be highlighted by a red star.
  • You can also type a name, position or department into the search bar

You have found your colleague

  • When you tap on your colleague’s name, further details appear.
  • When you tap a phone number, that person is automatically dialled.
  • When you tap the email address, the email screen appears.
  • If that person is at a workstation, their location is also displayed.
Find your colleagues quickly and...
...call and email them at the tap of a button.

Company first-aiders

Via the green cross in the app, users can easily and quickly find company first-aiders. If this company first-aider is checked in on the app, his/her location will be visible directly. By tapping the emergency number or one of the first-aiders, the selected person will receive an immediate call.

Reports give you insights

  • Realtime dashboard display of the use of workstations, meeting spaces and desks
  • These figures give you insights how you can save costs on energy, cleaning and maintenance

The Smart Working App gives you insights about the use of workstations, meeting spaces and desks for every day of the week.

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