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For the headquarters of Vanderlande, Ahrend took part of the 1000+ workplaces that had to be designed with the focus on an ergonomic and circular interior concept. An open, flexible and personal environment helps Vanderlande's employees to thrive.

The assignment

To realise a business interior concept, which is based on 1000+ workplaces including meeting rooms, management rooms and boardrooms, as well as an auditorium and a work rate. The office consists of a repetitive set of sit / stand desks and lounge angles that form a whole together with the main entrance. The entrance forms the base and the face for the rest of the workplace. The clear question for advice was answered by Ahrend through project management and logistics services.

The solution

In order to create an open and flexible environment, Ahrend came up with various interior solutions and considered the best ergonomically and aesthetically appropriate interior design concept. In addition to ergonomic advice, flexible and circular solutions are provided as sit / stand desks, lounge areas, furniture for hospitality, auditorium furniture, and meeting and management rooms. 

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