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Willy Opreij

Rabobank Centraal Zuid-Limburg

Together with the client and the architect we created solutions that both matched the different working styles at Rabobank Centraal Zuid-Limburg and that matched the exclusive appearance of the building.

The assignment

Designing an appropriate interior concept that allows different ways of working and that takes into account the challenges that come along with open planned offices such as acoustics and personal privacy.

The solution

The building is furnished according to the principles of Activity Based Working (ABW) in which the premise is that employees conduct their activities in an environment that best supports these activities. By creating specific areas, such as workstations for informal consultation and concentrated working, ABW automatically provides acoustics solutions. The employee is able to choose  the area which best supports their work.

"Ahrend showed that they engaged in joined-up thinking on determining the eventual choice, logistic process and actual execution of it."
Theo Korn – Servicemanager Rabobank

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