Abu Dhabi


ADSIC’s (Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre) role is to develop, drive and support various initiatives within the Government to transform government services in the Emirate. A key objective of this transformation is to establish a modern, efficient and citizen-centric e-Government platform to match the best in the world. 

The assignment

The Vision of ADSIC is to become a leading smart government, driven by innovation and inspired by society and the mission is to deliver an innovative digital services and channels, standards and policies, while building the foundation for an ICT-Mature society. Therefore, ADSIC wanted to create an inspiring work environment, including a prestigious executive area for the Director General along with a stylish sophisticated boardroom.

The solution

Ahrend created an ergonomic workspace with acoustic features and high end meeting rooms to accommodate clients, suppliers and guests. Ahrend did this through its own product portfolio, combined with third parties' assortments. 

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