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Erasmus MC

For the interior design of a new building, Erasmus MC choseAhrend as a partner in solving cases in the field of (hospital) interior and at the same time managing a logistically complex project. The approximately 350.000 m2 surface area had to be filled with furniture satisfying the requirements of the Healing Environment concept: a physical environment that improves well-being and reduces stress for patients, family and staff.

The assignment

An important requirement for the furnishing of this new building was the excellent quality of products. Next to this, the ambition was to create a Healing Environment. The biggest challange was the logistics of this project: the Erasmus MC is located in the very centre of Rotterdam. Also, the furniture had to be placed in ten different, not always adjacent rooms, divided over thirteen floors with limited elevator capacity. Therefore while planning this project, a lot of flexibility was required.

The solution

To make the furniture fit completely into the Healing Environment concept, Ahrend created (custom fit) furniture for the staff, as well as for patients and visitors. Think of benches for waiting, readings tables, corner couches and loungers. In coorporation with EGM Architecten, Ahrend developed the Rooming-In solution. This modular solution for sitting and sleeping offers family and friends the possibility to stay over at a patient. This contributes to a faster and more comfortable recovery.

With special climate solutions and green spaces, Ahrend made sure not only patients and visitors, but also employees of the Erasmus MC can enjoy a nice, healthy and safe work environment. An interesting and comprehensive project!

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