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Stijn Poelstra

Hybrid Educational Table for combining digital and regular education

University of Leiden

The number of students at the University of Leiden is growing rapidly. To prevent a possible problem in space, the university used Hybrid Educational Tables for their Faculty of Science. This way digital and regular education is combined in the same setting, saving multiple square meters. 

The assignment

During the planning proces of the new Faculty of Science at the Bio Sciencepark in Leiden, a growth prognosis of about 14% was operated. In practice, this growth appeared to be much higher because of an increasing amount of students. The University of Leiden was therefore looking for smart solutions to save space, while warranting the quality of educational facilities. 

The solution

The faculty used to have separately furnished computer classrooms and traditional lecture rooms. Especially the computer classrooms we often unoccupied, because certain digital courses were only taught in certain semesters. Due to the Hybrid educational Tables of Ahrend, the space became suitable for multiple purposes and the square meters were used more efficiently. 

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