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ROC Friese Poort Uniformberoepen

ROC Friese Poort and Ahrend collaborated on multiple succesful projects. For this project, Ahrend joined Wind Architecten Adviseurs from Drachten in the project group for the development of the building for education in public security. An unique project, because this school is built entirely circular!

The Assignment

ROC Friese Poort wanted to create a school building for their students that does not only look beautiful, but is also very sustainable. Ahrends job was to match the interior to the look and feel and the materials of the building: sturdy, warm and robust. The building has several functions. There are class rooms where students can study and do practical exercises, but also training areas, a canteen and staff areas. A multi-faceted challenge. 

The Solution

Together with the project group, Ahrend made a proposal for the interior design of each room that met all requirements in the Statement of Requirements. Each element was considered precisely and judged on its appearance, colour, material and sustainability. The result is an interior that is in harmony with the appearance of the building, fits the users and is fully selected on sustainability. Due to this, the school building is the first one in the Netherlands that was built 100 procent circular, wherefore it received the Dutch CPG certificate. 

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