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In the new school building of the Jozefmavo in Tilburg students can learn in class, groups or individually. BDG Architects made the architectural design. An important focus of the school is to excell by means of small scaled education. Therefore the building had to acquire a strong identity and emit a homely atmosphere. Ahrend has carried forward the vision of BDG Architects by designing various learning- and working environments.

The Assignment

The Jozefmavo wants to be a school that challenges and excites their students. BDG Architects made a design, including a colour plan. Ahrend was asked to work with BDG to develop a total concept for all work- and learning environments. This includes the interior design for the teachers’ rooms, workstations for teachers, the learning area, classrooms, study room and the auditorium. The interior design additionally had to be in line with the architect’s plan and had to facilitate homeliness. Ahrend was commissioned with supplying all the furniture and providing the required project management.

The Solution

Ahrend has made the interior design for the cantine, classrooms, the open learning centre, the teachers’ room and the meeting rooms. In the design phase consultation with the architect took place regarding the interior plan and the required choices to be made. Every learning square has got its own signature print, which corresponds with the classes that are being taught around the square. BDG Architects has positioned the auditory and the teacher’s zone on the middle floor. This central heart of the building serves as a meeting place between students and teachers. The interior design and the chosen products radiate a warmth that invites people to take place. With various interior solutions a total interior has been created for all learning and working environments. Ahrend also provided the project management. As a result Jozefmavo only had to correspond with one contact person for all (loose) furniture.

As a result of a number of meetings, Ahrend has given an excellent interpretation to the interior design of our entire building, including advice on the products to be used. Thanks to the creative vision of the interior designer of Ahrend, the concept of the architect has been expertly translated into a harmonious design. Colours of the walls, floors and the furniture complement each other and forms a whole.
Frank Kraus, Director of College Jozefmavo Tilburg

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