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Ahrend drawer pedestals offer the perfect solution for many storage problems. Specific models are available for personal storage, in several formats and sizes, for a wide range of documentation and personal office stationery.

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The designer

Wijtse Rodenburg

Wijtse Rodenburg (1949) studied industrial design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and started to work for Ahrend in 1973, as an industrial designer in the design group led by Friso Kramer. He has been industrial designer for Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Sint-Oedenrode since 1994. Alongside his position as in-house designer for Ahrend, he has been been a part-time lecturer in the Man & Activity department of the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

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  • Lockable
  • Plastic pen tray for storing stationery and small office materials
  • Mobile and fixed drawer units
  • Secured with anti-tipper system


Basic model

  • Mobile drawer unit is 54 cm tall on small wheels
  • Fixed drawer unit is 74 cm tall with levelling foot
  • Width 42 cm, depth 60 or 80 cm
  • Rounded plastic front or flat steel front
  • Range of drawer sizes: material-sliding drawer, A6-drawer, A6+-drawer and A4-drawer
  • Single and telescopic slide

Technical details

  • Lacquer 08 aluminium metallic or 10 white
  • Steel casing for long lifespan
  • Meets NEN-EN 14073 and NEN-EN 14074 norms
  • Central locking system as standard
  • Counterweight and drawer block prevent unit from tipping over
  • A4 hanging folder drawer fitted with folder rack


  • Materialdrawer also available with telescopic slide
  • Top panel steel, melamine or ciranol
  • Can be fitted with pull/push bar and large wheels
  • Range of drawer accessories such as organiser trays, separating walls and diagonal organisers


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