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As one of the few in the office furniture industry, Wilkhahn is world-wide known as a manufacturer of genuine German design. Due to its high-end conference furniture and seating, Wilkhahn is widely recognized. Their rich heritage dates back to 1907 when Wilkhahn was first found as a chair manufacturer. Partly due to this fact, Wilkhahn and Ahrend share the same values which are completely in line with “Design is a tradition, not a trend”; design and quality combined with sustainability.

Complementary to the product portfolio of Ahrend, Wilkhahn offers a wide variety of high-end seating furniture, like:

  • Wilkhahn Graph
  • Wilkhahn Aline en Aline S
  • Wilkhahn Neos visitors chair
  • Wilkhahn Sola
  • Wilkhahn Stand-Up
  • Wilkhahn Stitz

Wilkhahn Stand-up

Wilkhahn Aline

Wilkhahn Aline S

Wilkhahn and sustainability

Just like Ahrend, Wilkhahn has sustainability written down as one of its prime values. The fact that Wilkhahn won the “German Environmental Prize” has proven this once more. Another concrete example is their intensive collaboration with architects Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog. They were well known due to their social and environmental awareness.

Aside from that, Wilkhahn has already been taking its responsibility for the environment for over 20 years with regard to the design and production of office furniture. This resulted in many more international awards, including the Federal Ecodesign Award.

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