Expect the unconventional

Functionals offers a collection of furniture and home goods, designed exclusively for Ahrend by innovative designers. Each has his or her distinctive perspective, but they share a bold aesthetic, commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Functionals specializes in furniture and home goods that answerneeds, delight the eye, and stand the test of time. We launched in 2009 with a commitment to what we call “unconventional design”: innovative yet timeless products made with careful attention to detail. We refuse to chase trends or take shortcuts. 

Instead, we collaborate with some of Europe’s leading designers, work closely with craftspeople, and manufacture the products ourselves at our factory in the small Dutch town of Goirle.
Our products are made to last, so they are made well. Each item reflects both the designer’s unique perspective and the Functionals aesthetic of elegant simplicity.

Functionals began with only two products. As you can see, our collection has grown exponentially and now includes tables, seating, storage, lighting, and accessories. Some of these products like the Lloyd table and Wendela chair have become design classics in their own right. We’re looking forward to creating more iconic pieces in theyears to come.

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