Did you know that - approximately - the same amount of textile that’s wasted every year, is produced at the same time? Why don’t we use the used textile to recycle for new high quality textiles? With this goal ReBlend started their initiative in 2013 and joined forces with Ahrend, Sympany, BYBROWN and other leaders in the chain to create a Proof-of-Concept for the realization of its first prototypes and collections.

Ahrend’s first collection starts with the production of a grey-colour collection with a lot of warmth and deepness. The application is on vertical parts of Ahrend’s office collection, such as the Flexbox (space in space) and S50 screens and panels.



  • 70% recycled post consumer textile waste 
  • + 30% recycled polyester = 100% recycled

Fabric width       
140 cm 

Catherine Hilder

Royal Van Den Acker

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