Ahrend 1200

Throws new light on working


The Ahrend 1200 table series throws new light on office work and conferencing. The design, incorporating integrated lighting in combination with a glass or acrylic surface, is very striking. The frame of the Ahrend 1200 is made of cast aluminium with a powder coated or chrome finish. The modular design of the table system means it can be used to create a variety of configurations. The designers Roberto Meyer and Jeroen van Schooten, explained the background of the design as follows: 'Our fascination for light and translucent materials was the leitmotiv that led to the design of the Ahrend 1200 as an object that transforms the atmosphere of any space where it is used'.

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The designer

Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten

Roberto E. Meyer (1959) and Jeroen W. van Schooten (1960) founded the architects office Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten in 1984. In 1990, Roberto Meyer won the silver medal of the Prix de Rome, and the office started getting bigger and bigger orders from the early 'nineties.

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  • Minimalist Dutch Design
  • Lighting system built into frame
  • Modular construction allows a variety of configurations to be created using a minimum number of components
  • Materials are easy to separate for reuse or recycling


Basic model

  • Die-cast aluminium legs, couplings and tabletop supports
  • Aluminium mounting frame with built-in fitting for 16 mm fluorescent lamp with matt plastic shade
  • Plastic colour filters in a range of colours
  • 12 mm toughened float-glass tabletops available in natural (white-grey)
  • 20 mm acrylic tabletops available in natural (white-grey)

Technical details

  • Frame available in Ahrend colours or chrome
  • Tabletops mounted by means of aluminium studs bonded to the underside of the tabletop and connected to the underframe by screw couplings
  • Tabletop units can be coupled to form L-shaped or rectangular tables with the aid of corner leg units or intermediate leg units


  • Glass tabletops with polished edges. Underside edge given a 60 degree bevel all round. Undersurface completely or partially matt
  • Acrylic tabletops: Underside edge given a 60 degree bevel all round. Undersurface completely matt
  • Built-in power supply

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