Roofer Mr. Blue

The first picnic table which converts into a podium


The Roofer Mr. Blue is a revolution in the field of picnic tables. Mr. Blue features both a table and a podium configuration. This means that Mr. Blue is ideal for your café area, conference space and/or drama classroom. During the day it is perfect for a meeting or lunch and in the evening it can be used as a podium for a play or for a presentation.

Mr. Blue is a robust but elegant designed picnic table which is unique because of its double functionality. Never again will you be faced with moving the tables to make way for the podium; because the tables are the podium!

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The size of the podium can be determined by the number of available sets in the room. The tables can be easily moved and are perfectly fit to create the desired podium.

Several examples

  • With 1 set it is possible to create a podium of 1.5x2 metres
  • With 3 sets it is possible to create a podium of 1.5x6 metres


  • With 6 sets it is possible to create a podium of 3x6 metres
  • With 7 sets it is possible to create a podium of 4x6 metres


Basic model

  • Adjustable to two different heights

Technical details

  • Table height: 770 mm
  • Podium height: 490 mm
  • Sitting height: 490 mm
  • Depth: 1500 mm
  • Width: 2000 mm


Tabletop and seating available in:

  • Recycled plastic (anthracite only)
  • Varnished oak

Steel frame available in:

  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Painted in a RAL colour


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