Ahrend 456

A smart table for linking, stacking and stability.


The slender design of thin tubing on this new seminar table helps create a calm learning environment in colleges and universities.

The Ahrend 456 is a stable platform which can be used outside of schools in educational offices or seminar rooms.

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The designer

Kees de Boer

Kees de Boer was born in 1969. After a course in automobile engineering at a technical secondary school from 1986 to 1990, he went on to study at the Academy for Industrial Design (now The Design Academy) in Eindhoven till 1996 where he chose the specialism Man & Work.

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  • Linking in the frame
  • Stackable up to 7 pieces
  • Perfect combination with the Ahrend 370 Cantilever chair
  • Complies with all relevant ergonomic standards
  • Fully recyclable


Basic model

  • Frame of thin tube
  • Worktops in melamine or ciranol

Technical details

  • Available in the Ahrend standard lacquer colours
  • Polished chrome


  • Transport trolley

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