Ahrend Comfort Workstation

Take control of your own desk


The new Comfort Workstation is all about personal control over your workplace.
This highly innovative desk with an integrated high-tech solution, enables
you to work in a more productive and healthy way. Everything in this desk is
completely personalisable with sit / stand solutions, biodynamic lighting and
climate; all based on a digital ergonomic passport.

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Personal climate control, stimulating productivity 
With the Ahrend Comfort Workstation it is possible to control the temperature in your own personal work environment. For optimal productivity, the overall indoor temperature should be between 20-25 °C. However, the perception of a pleasant indoor climate differs per person.

Recent scientific research shows that people who cannot influence the indoor climate are expected to be 6.3% less productive and have an average of 33% more ‘sick building complaints’.

Human Centered Temperature
Heating and cooling elements are integrated in the Comfort Workstation. This includes heated tabletops and acoustic screens with integrated ventilation components.

Owners and tenants of buildings can easily safe housing costs, because the climate control over their work environment is adjustable on a personal level. Up to 25% reduction of energy for heating, 45% reduction of energy for cooling and 45% reduction of lighting energy.


Biodynamic lighting affects health and wellbeing
Biodynamic lighting is integrated into the Comfort Workstation, allowing employees to manage both the level intensity and the colour of the light. Dynamic light is needed to carry out your daily activities and can compensate the possible lack of daylight in the office.

Various studies show that good lighting has a large (positive) impact on health, wellbeing, alertness and even on sleep quality.




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