Ahrend 500

Design concept: IDEArchitects


Ahrend 500 is an innovatively designed range of furniture, suitable for any type of workplace. Ahrend 500 is perfect for companies that want to respond rapidly to movements in the market and translate these into changes to the working environment. Ahrend 500 is flexible in all areas, simple to assemble and easy to adapt.

design concept: IDEArchitects

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The designer

Wijtse Rodenburg

Wijtse Rodenburg (1949) studied industrial design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and started to work for Ahrend in 1973, as an industrial designer in the design group led by Friso Kramer. He has been industrial designer for Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Sint-Oedenrode since 1994. Alongside his position as in-house designer for Ahrend, he has been been a part-time lecturer in the Man & Activity department of the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

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  • Dutch Design free from redundant features (less is more)
  • Numerous  workplace solutions can be devised thanks to the worktop-independent frame
  • Ergonomically sound for both short and tall people
  • Quickly adapts to changing requirements: from manual height adjustment to mechanical or electrical height adjustment
  • The materials are easy to separate for reuse or recycling


Basic model

  • Aluminium die-cast elliptical legs with steel inner cores in C-, I- or T-leg versions
  • Steel lightweight worktop rail to which the aluminium worktop support can be linked flexibly
  • 22-mm thick melamine or 12-mm Ciranol worktops, available in various decors and veneers
  • Frame and legs in standard Ahrend lacquer colours

Technical details

  • Legs with fixed height: 72 and 74 cm
  • Height-adjustable legs (62 to 90 cm) by means of a push button
  • Height-adjustable legs (62 to 90 cm) by means of a foldaway crank
  • Electrically height-adjustable legs (62 to 90 cm)
  • Sit-stand tables available with rapid electrical height adjustment (62 to 128 cm)


  • Cabling facilities
  • Organisation rail with accessories
  • Perforated steel and semi-transparent plastic 3rd level and front panels (S2)
  • CPU holder

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