Ahrend 500 bench

A meeting point


Ahrend 500 bench is discontinued since the end of 2017. Discover other desks by Ahrend here.

The modern office has to meet new requirements. It's no longer the place where you sit and work at the same spot all day, but more and more a place to drop in, meet people and exchange information. Just log on, draft a short report, check your emails, have a meeting or a project lunch –  multiple usage means tables acquire a new, wider function. The Ahrend 500 bench has been designed with these new needs in mind. It can be set up as a team worksite, but can be converted with little or no effort into a conference table or a meeting point. This concept also lends itself very well to learning applications.

design concept: IDEArchitects

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The designer

Lieke van Gool

Lieke van Gool was born in 1977. After completing secondary school (Dutch VWO level: pre-university education) she was admitted to the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where she graduated in 2001, specialising in the field of "Man and Activity". She has been employed as a designer at Ahrend Produktiebedrijf Sint-Oedenrode bv since 2004.

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  • Dutch Design without unnecessary details: attractive, transparent and timeless
  • Modular frame system allows custom-made solutions with worktops of different shapes and sizes to be created easily and without unnecessary expense
  • Part of the Ahrend 500 range of office furniture, fitting effortlessly into existing furnishing schemes
  • Wide 240 cm span between legs makes inexpensive, elegant solutions possible
  • Designed for rapid assembly in line with ergonomic principles by standing assembly technician
  • Materials easy to separate for reuse or recycling
  • Facilities for fixing screens to enhance privacy and concentration, built-in power outlets, direct and indirect lighting, flatscreen monitor support, storage space for office supplies, decorative elements to personalise your worksite



Basic model

  • Diecast elliptical steel-cored aluminium legs, which can be incorporated in N-frame leg units (for end of table) or H-frame units (for intermediate support)
  • Strong light-weight steel tubular frame with top supports
  • Worktop and filler elements of 22 mm melamine or 12 mm Ciranol materials, available in various decorative finishes and veneers

Technical details

  • Frame and legs painted in standard Ahrend colours
  • Legs with fixed height of 72 or 74 cm
  • End leg units available in versions which allow additional extension of 45 cm deep
  • Worktops and worktop supports provided with patented locking system


  • Built-in power supplies
  • Flexi-panels in acrylic, fabric or MDF with HPL cladding
  • Magazine shelf
  • Elements for filling in spaces between worktops
  • Holder for PC drive unit

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