Ahrend Unit

The smallest unit


The name has a double meaning, it is a building block.

It may be the smallest unit, but this clever unit acts as an individual chair and a building block. Put together, the Ahrend Unit is perfect for a hotel lobby or break-out area.

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The designer

Paul Linse

Paul Alexander Linse graduated cum laude at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1987, where he would later teach interior design for ten years. Driven by an intense passion for interior design and decorating he explored his profession in the broadest sense, creating extravagant productions as a design editor for leading design and decoration magazines and designing tapestries and furniture. In 1999 he founded Studio Linse, where he develops complete public spaces, commercial environments and highly exclusive private residencies and yachts.

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  • Neutral look and thoughtful design
  • Versatile within consultation and meeting rooms
  • Suitable for small spaces and large open spaces


Basic model

  • Sit Unit, seat element with backrest
  • Extension Unit, seat element without backrest
  • 3D unit, linking element for larger setups

Technical details

Seat height: 390 mm

Sit Unit

  • 700x500x700 mm

Extension Unit

  • 700x500x390 mm

3D Unit

  • 950x800x390 mm


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