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The Ahrend 452 school chair is discontinued since October 2016. Discover other educational chairs by Ahrend here.

The Ahrend 452 school set has a clean-lined, modern and sturdy design, which means it is suitable for all kinds of education. Everybody sits comfortably on Ahrend 452.

The Ahrend 452 fully complies with the latest ergonomic and safety requirements in the NEN-EN 1729 standard (version 2006).

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The designer

Kees de Boer

Kees de Boer was born in 1969. After a course in automobile engineering at a technical secondary school from 1986 to 1990, he went on to study at the Academy for Industrial Design (now The Design Academy) in Eindhoven till 1996 where he chose the specialism Man & Work.

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The versatility of the Ahrend 452 range is demonstrated by the fact that it can be put positioned in any desired arrangement for classroom teaching. Available in the default setup, can also be set up for instruction in smaller groups: general or focused, for example Binas and ICT. The maximum use of available space goes hand in hand with an environment that inspires pupils, students, teachers and support staff.

A variety of educational programmes for different groups can now be performed with the same furniture. Ahrend 452 lends itself to any kind of group work, with or without computers, available with smart accessories like CPU holders. 


Basic model

  • The current range of the Ahrend 452 is a school set with C-frame in 2 sizes (6 and 7)
  • In addition, there is also a four-leg chair available in 2 sizes (6 and 7)
  • The series consists of chairs (C-frame or four-legged) that comply with the NEN-EN1729
  • This standard specifies the dimensions of the seats indicated in colours

Technical details

  • For both the chairs and tables the colour of the plastics indicate the height
  • The chair in the Ahrend 452 school set series consists of a sturdy, welded steel C-frame or a four legged frame
  • The C-frame makes it easy to suspend the chair from the table stably
  • A maximum of five chairs of the same size can be stacked on top of each other


  • The frame for the Ahrend 452 school set can be powder-coated in all Ahrend paint colours and RAL paint colours. 
  • The chair seat and backrest are beech which can be finished with clear lacquer or colour-stained (at a surcharge)

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