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Concentration Corner

The Ahrend Concentration Corner serves as an isolated workspace where its possible to work and meet without getting disturbed. The Concentration Corner fits perfectly within the concept of Activity Based Working.


The Concentration Corner, the new asset to the Ahrend Acoustics & Privacy portfolio, was designed by Basten Leijh. Thanks to its sound-absorbing material the Concentration Corner isolates its workspace but at the same time quetens the working environment as a whole. 

In short the concentration corner is the perfect solution for flexible working environments. The unit is built op out of several  elements, which can be linked and seperated from eachother. This results in more flexibility and offers a chance to create new settings like a solo desk, conference setting or concentration couch. The Concentration Corner is available in both plain- and patterned fabrics.  

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The designer

Basten Leijh

Basten Leijh was born in 1975. After following the direction 'Man and Mobility' at the Design Academy Eindhoven his graduation project, a city bike with a detachable handlebar that function as a U-shaped lock, was adopted by world's largest bicycle manufacturer Giant in 2002.

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The Ahrend Concentration Corner is both creative and flexible. Its modular design makes for several different possible configurations. It comes in a variety of sizes and is available in an extensive range of colours and upholstery. 

  • Sound-absorbing for the surrounding area and isolated from within
  • Opportunity to create new settings over and over again


Basic model

  • Dimensions: height: 137 cm, panel thickness: 4,2 cm, tabletop height: 75 cm, tabletop width: 124 cm., tabletop depth: 50 / 60 cm
  • Upholstered with fabric
  • Legs are fitted with Gliders
  • Foam made out of Polyethylene terephthalate(PET)

Technical details

  • Ahrend Concentration Corner is a 100% modular range where all components can be re-used in other Concentration Corner solutions
  • Very easily mountable and demountable on location
  • Acoustic function, both from within the Ahrend Concentration Corner and for the surrounding office area.
  • 100% plug&play: Standard equipped with electrification, data and air management


  • Large choice of colours and upholstery
  • Highly customisable by use of diferrently sized panels & differently angled corners
  • Obtainable in both small(118cm) and wide(155 cm) configurations 
  • Available in corner and sofa options

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