Ahrend Flexbox

Modular space-in-space solution


The ideal solution for Activity Based Working within the modern open-space office. Completely transparent and lockable. A modular, functional space-in-space solution for (informal) meetings, phone calls, concentrated working or conferencing.

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The designer

Basten Leijh

With his many years of experience as a product and concept developer, business partner and creative director within leading companies, and a number of brands he can call his own, Basten Leijh is considered an expert in the field of product design. In 2002, his graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven was adopted by world's largest bicycle manufacturer. Ever since, his designs are timeless and brimming with character, and he is known for creating environments in which fun and functional convenience merge seamlessly.

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Because of the creative and flexible design and the use of modular elements, the Ahrend Flexbox is available in a large variety of sizes, from a small call unit to a spacious meeting room. Available in an extensive range of colours and upholstery.

  • Sound-absorbing and isolated from within
  • Sound-absorbing for the surrounding area
  • Tested by Peutz laboratory of acoustics
  • Special upholstery for extra acoustic effect


Basic model

  • Dutch design and 100% manufactured in the Netherlands
  • Designed according to circular principles; only using sustainable materials so that components have a long lifespan
  • The design fits perfectly with Ahrend Loungescape, allowing you to create an interior with a consistent and complete look
  • Enables solutions for personal comfort that stimulate healthy, creative and productive working

Technical details

  • Ahrend Flexbox is a 100% modular range wherein all components can be re-used in other Flexbox solutions
  • Very easily mountable and demountable on location
  • Acoustic function, both from within the Ahrend Flexbox and for the surrounding area in which the Ahrend Flexbox is located
  • 100% plug&play: Standard equipped with electrification, data and air management


  • The modular system can be expanded by the addition of upholstered panels and/or glass walls
  • Large choice of colours and upholstery
  • Flexible to expand in steps of 0.8 m in width up to a maximum size of 25.6 m².
  • Additional options such as video screens / TV arm’s, lighting from Intra Light and LEDS C4, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, air-conditioning and various ventilation solutions make the Ahrend Flexbox complete

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