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The Ahrend PuK smartphone charger adds extra comfort to our workplaces. No more struggling with sockets and cables. The Ahrend PuK offers an integrated workplace solution for wireless charging of smartphones with Qi.

The Ahrend PuK is fully compatible with the Smart Office App; this app helps navigate the user around the workplace. It innovatively solves issues such as ‘where is my colleague?’ and ‘which workstation is free?’ and increases employee cooperation.

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The designer

Marck Haans

Marck Haans was born in 1962. From 1982 to 1988 he studied at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch. Immediately after that, he followed a course at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

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  • Low installation height of 22 mm
  • No magnets - safe for passes and credit cards 
  • Low heat delivery to tabletop due to aluminum housing
  • FOD – ‘Foreign Object Detection’ – PuK will not load and give a signal when there is metal between the phone and the charger
  • Cover can be fitted with own logo
  • Ahrend PuK is invisibly milled in the underside of the table top
  • Accessories available such as covers and Qi receivers


Basic model

  • Ease for employees and guests; A smartphone without power is a thing of the past
  • Based on the new standard for wireless charging; the known Qi technology 
  • List of Qi compatible smartphones on request 
  • No more struggles with cables and sockets and improves the smartphone's lifetime
  • Integrated in or underneath the worksheet
  • Retrofittable

Technical details

  • Compatible with wide range of Qi smartphones or possibility to make smartphones Qi compatible
  • Recognition good industrial design (GIO award)
  • Patented technology by using 7 induction coils instead of 1 coil,  meaning that the phone does not have to lie exactly in the middle of the charger


  • Certification – all products are CE, FCC, UL and Qi certified. Apple covers are MFI certified (approved by Apple)
  • High-quality aluminium housing which has to be placed in a 80 mm wide hole
  • Can be installed in advance or retrofittable 
  • Features a soft touch Ahrend cover in matt black with Qi logo
  • Connectable through various plugs (NL/D/B/UK)

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