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Experience the Comfort Workstation yourself

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Experience the Comfort Workplace yourself

The Comfort Workstation is an integral high-tech solution that gives people personal control over the workplace and enables people to work in a more productive and healthy way. Everything in this desk is adjustable to your own needs, completely personalisable with biodynamic lighting, temperature, height and cooling, based on a digital ergonomic passport.

The Ahrend Comfort Workstation:

  • Makes people more productive thanks to personal climate settings
  • Increases the comfort and well-being of your employees
  • Provides a cost savings of 25% to 45% on heating, cooling and lighting energy

Interested in the benefits to your organisation? Experience the Ahrend Comfort Workstation as a pilot at your office* or in one of our showrooms. Please fill in the form below, we will be happy to help you further!


Experience the Comfort Workstation in one of our showrooms

*Based on availability