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Ahrend is proud to present the world’s first comfort work station

The new Comfort Workstation is all about personal control over the workplace. This highly innovative desk with an integral high-tech solution, enables people to work in a more productive and healthy way. Everything in this desk is adjustable to your own needs, completely personalisable with biodynamic lighting, temperature, height and cooling, based on a digital ergonomic passport. The unique part of this innovation, is that all of the elements are fully integrated into the work station itself.

Currently, the Ahrend Comfort Workstation is only available through a pilot scheme. Do you want to be part of this pilot or would you just like some extra information?

Experience the Comfort Workstation yourself

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Ahrend Comfort Workstation yourself? This high-tech workplace is now available as a pilot project or experience it one of our showrooms.

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Height adjustment

The Comfort Workstation is now available with the Height adjustment module. Connect your phone to your desk with the Puk wireless charger and adjust the height to your personal preferences. The Comfort Workstation saves your personal preferred settings by means of an "ergonomic passport".Take control over your own desk with the Smart Working App and get healthier by sitting less. Check out the Infographic below:

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Climate comfort

For optimal productivity, the overall indoor temperature should be between 20-25 °C. However, the perception of a pleasant indoor climate differs per person. It depends on age, gender and of course personal preferences. One general climate automatically leads to complaints on a personal level. Recent scientific research shows that people who cannot influence the indoor climate are expected to be 6.3% less productive and have an average of 1.5 times more sick building complaints.

24% of Dutch employees experience an uncomfortable indoor climate at work and 32% believe that the temperature is badly regulated. - TNO

Heated table top

The Comfort Workstation is now available with a heated table top module. The table top heats quickly because of the special energy boost technology. The heating  is adjustable in 5 different temperature heights. Your laptop and keyboard will stay cool because of the special U-shaped heating element, which heatens the body by warming just the wrists. Perfect for cold winter days; always in control of your own personal climate.

With the heated table top, energy savings of up to 25% can be realized by lowering the room temperature.

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Human centered heating and cooling

Cost-efficient and increased productivity

Ahrend makes personal climate control possible simple and effective by the integration of heating and cooling elements into the Comfort Workstation. This includes heated tabletops and acoustic screens with integrated ventilation components. Owners and tenants of buildings can easily save costs, because the climate control over their work environment is adjustable on a personal level.

Energy consumption is reduced by a significant 25%. Because it’s not the whole workplace, but only the occupied workstations that are being climatised. It also contributes to the employees’ comfort and satisfaction of the workspace, which has a beneficial effect on productivity and the level of absenteeism.

Biodynamic lighting

We need light for vision and for carrying out activities. Various studies show that good lighting has a really positive impact on our health, wellbeing, alertness and even our sleep quality.

Biodynamic lighting

If it is insufficiently possible to benefit from dynamic daylight, dynamic artificial lighting can be helpful. This kind of lighting simulates the rhythm of the daylight. For example, the blue part of light (cold white) has an activating effect; it stimulates cognitive performance and concentration. Meanwhile, light with a large red part (warm light) has a relaxing effect.

Personally adjustable lighting

Biodynamic lighting is integrated into the Comfort Workstation, allowing employees to manage both the level and the colour of the light. As you grow older, the need for brighter lighting increases. At the same time every person has its own colour preferences. In addition, various studies show that being able to monitor lighting on a personal level, positively impacts the employees’ health and wellbeing. It can even lead to a higher work performance.

Ergonomic passport

By using the digital ergonomic passport, the workplace is automatically adjusted to your personal preferences. The Ahrend App registers all personal preferences, such as sit-stand height and temperature. As soon as you place your smartphone on the Ahrend PuK (which is integrated in the table top) the app automatically notifies you are there. The workstation then automatically adjusts itself to your registered preferences.

TKI ImPeKt project

March 2017 saw the launch of the pilot phase of the project known as TKI ImPeKt project (ImPeKt: Implementation of Personal Climate). In this project, Ahrend collaborates with Abel Delft, Trilux, TNO, TU Delft, ING and Sodexo to develop and test a prototype for a personal climate-control system. The ImPeKt project is conducted using a ‘Top sector’ fiscal energy allowance from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Take charge of your own desk: tailor height, temperature, climate control and lighting to your personal preferences

Too cold in the office, or much too hot? Is the lighting too bright, or maybe too dim? For many employees, these concerns are familiar ones. Which is why Ahrend, designer of inspiring working environments, will be presenting its revolutionary Comfort Workstation at the Vakbeurs Facilitair 2017 in Utrecht from 25 to 27 January.

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