100% recycled textile

Smart and healthy innovations, which lead to incredible savings of water without the addition of toxic substances

Textile is a fabric that, in many cases, will be burned after its use. It is a cheap and efficient method. We do not want to burn raw materials, so we started a recycling project called ReBlend with various partners in the textile chain. Most materials that are used in our products are highly recyclable, such as steel and aluminum. Within our Cradle to Cradle philosophy we are always trying to find new ways to improve the circuit. We managed to recycle textiles and turn them into new (high-quality) textiles.

Why recycle textiles?

In the Netherlands, nearly 200 million kilos of textile annually disappears to low-value applications. While the production of new textile entails a huge negative environmental impact. ReBlend launched a circularly initiative to keep fabrics in the chain and use them as raw materials for high-quality textiles for both, fashion and interior. Last spring, Ahrend introduced the first batch of 6000 yarnin collaboration with leading partners in the chain.

How do we do this?

In the first step, the textile is removed from the product. After that the fabric is fibrillated. The fibers are re-spun into yarns and these yarns are woven into fabric furniture. The fabric has a good quality just like other conventional furniture textiles. 

Take a look at the proces of ReBlend in this video

About ReBlend

ReBlend is a Dutch startup which initiates and organises different collections and iconic projects with leading partners in the chain. Started in 2013 as an initiative to investigate whether we can use textile waste for the creation of new yarns and textiles on a higher level. All partners use the textile waste as a material for a new high quality textile in fashion and interior. The aim is to build bridges between textile waste, textile designers and manufacturers, so that movement to a circular world is supported and accelerated.


The thought behind the first initiative and the current development is that there is an extreme imbalance between the short use of textiles and the lasting impact that creates the materials. ReBlend wants yarn in collaboration with designers, producers and labels to develop textiles that provide the same comfort and quality while only using recycled materials. The use of mostly no longer wearable / usable textile paves the way to a smarter process, where water and additional chemicals are used. This innovative process ensures textile with a much better carbon footprint!