Our circular approach

6 essential steps to a circular economy

A circular vision

Ahrend's vision is one of a circular economy. This means we strive for the most sustainable solution of all: making products of such quality, that we can reuse them endlessly. The most sustainable product is timeless, beautiful and modular. This way you do not have to discard it or break it down, but you can simply 'reuse' it!

1. Design

A circular economy starts with the design. Our designers design 'towards the future'. A modular design is therefore most important. By constructing products modularly, they are easy to disassemble and individual parts can easily be replaced in the future. This allows us to respond flexibly to changing needs in the office and be able to replace separate parts even 10 years later. Making good and thoughtful choices in the design phase is therefore key: if you do something wrong, it will remain a problem in the rest of the chain

2. Sourcing

A Circular Economy can only be a success if the products are Cradle to Cradle. The concept means that you can reuse products infinitely or break them down harmlessly. That is why we opt for high-quality materials that are sustainable and healthy in use. Circular product design and the preservation of raw materials is only possible if we are certain that the materials are safe and healthy for people and the environment. Because of course reusing harmful materials is not the goal. That is why we use, amongst other things, our own non-toxic Cradle to Cradle powder coatings.

3. Production

We produce our furniture as sustainably as possible. The process takes place with 100% renewable energy and uses a limited amount of resources. We are also CO2-neutral. With heat pumps we close our water and energy cycles. In this way we have saved 93% water since 1990: that equals 36,000,000 showers! The figures of the pollution level of our waste water, solvent emissions and hazardous waste are also decreasing. For example, our factory in Sint-Oedenrode is a good neighbor for the core area of ​​'het Groene Woud' (Green Forest).

4. Maintenance

By maintaining your product as long and well as possible, you retain the most value. Ahrend proactively and continuously provides technical maintenance based on the customer's needs. The technical life span of our products thus exceeds the economic lifespan. Due to the modularity of our range, we adapt products during use; both aesthetically and functionally. For example, by stripping them and then repainting them in any color.

5. Reuse

By producing our products with a high quality standard, we facilitate reuse - from complete products to separate parts. In this way we not only save costs, but also reduce our CO2 emissions, waste and the consumption of raw materials. Our CO2 footprint has therefore dropped by as much as 95%!

6. Recycle

If a product can no longer be used at the end of its life cycle, it will be recycled by us. Due to our well-considered choice in the design for healthy, safe and high-quality materials, value is recovered for 100% of the materials used by Ahrend. Even at our production sites, all material is optimally separated in collaboration with our partner Renewi.

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