CSR Milestones

The sustainable history of Ahrend


One Company certificate

Royal Ahrend is certified as One Company ISO 14001. Ahrend Furnishing, Ahrend Belgium and the Ahrend headquarters are now within the certification.


Introduction Ahrend Hergebruik

Ahrend launches Ahrend Hergebruik (Reuse) to save more than one million products from waste.


Cradle to Cradle Silver certification for Ahrend Balance

The Ahrend Balance series received the Cradle to Cradle Silver certification.


Ahrend Leasing

Ahrend introduces a leasing programme, in addition to developments towards the circular economy; use becomes more important than ownership.


Introduction of new standard: non-toxic paints

Ahrend launches an innovative non-toxic powder coating. They are not harmful to humans and the environment and even exceed the safety norm of children's toys.


Fira Bronze rating

Ahrend obtains FIRA bronze certification, procurement tool to receive reliable CSR information.


2nd time Winner Industry Transparency Benchmark

Ahrend is the second time winner in its industry in the Transparency Benchmark for integrated sustainability reporting.


Green Good Design Award

Ahrend receives Green Good Design Award from the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies for achievements in energy saving, CO2 reduction and sustainability.


Healthy indoor climate with Ahrend

Ahrend receives Indoor Air Quality certificates for various product lines. This certificate shows that Ahrend contributes to a healthy indoor climate.


First Cradle to Cradle company

Ahrend was awarded with the Cradle to Cradle Company Award by Michael Braungart and William McDonough at the Cradle to Cradle Festival - The Next Industrial Revolution, in Berlin in 2011.


Cradle to Cradle Silver certification for Ahrend 2020

The Ahrend 2020 office chair series is completely designed according to Cradle to Cradle and received the Cradle to Cradle Silver certification.


ISO 26000, the standard CSR

Ahrend publishes as one of the first 10 companies worldwide, the ISO 26000 self-declaration according to the NPR9026 norm.


Winner Industry Transparency Benchmark

Ahrend is winner in its industry in the Transparency Benchmark for integrated sustainability reporting.


Cradle to Cradle efforts are rewarded

Ahrend receives three Cradle to Cradle Silver certificates for the Ahrend 500 and the Ahrend 230 desk chairs series and Ahrend 250.


Recycling of waste heat

In two years time Ahrend has installed 10 heat pumps. These provide an energy saving of 140 tonnes of CO2 per year. That equates to 18 homes a year in transport, energy and gas.


PEFC wood for all melamine

Ahrend achieves PEFC timber certification (CU-PEFC-808 416) and decides to deliver all melamine sheets standard certified.


Upgrade features and design

Ahrend Next Life initiates projects where existing products receive an upgrade in appearance and functionality. EDF Energy is the first customer to widely revitalise Ahrend furniture on large scale.


Focus on renewable energy

Ahrend renews its energy conservation plan for the Meerjarenafspraken Part 3. In addition to energy conservation and sustainable design measures, the focus is broadened to the use of renewable energy sources.


Sustainable wood

Ahrend obtains FSC wood certification (CU-COC-808 416).


Certified environmental management approach

All Ahrend factory sites are now ISO 14001 certified.


Focus on energy-efficient product development

By signing the Term Agreements Part 2 Ahrend broadens its reduction targets to Sustainable Product Development.


Validation of environmental reports

Ahrend achieves EMAS validation for environmental management.


Focus on energy efficiency by 2% annually

Ahrend becomes participant of the Term Agreements on Energy Efficiency and commits to an annual energy reduction of 2%.


First production location that goes for for environmental award

Ahrend is nominated for the European environmental award.


Start of structured environmental care

On May 16 Ahrend received its first ISO 14001 environmental management certificate.


Standard environmental impact measurement for our products

Introduction of Eco-indicators in product design (Life Cycle Assessment - LCA).


First fully recyclable chair

Eco-design first project in Europe, Ahrend 220 office


First insights into our environmental impact

Ahrend brings out the first environmental report in the industry.


Environmental care is given structure

Attention for environmental care receives a permanent position in the production of Ahrend.