Circular cases

Tennet and ProRail

At Ahrend, sustainability is primarily about doing, that’s why we are proud to explain how we have been encouraging a circular economy for years, based on two recent projects that we take pride in.

Together with clients, we reach best solution. Tennet and ProRail are two sustainable examples.

Project: Tennet

Tennet has translated the circular ambitions into a performance contract for its design. A return guarantee of materials form an important part of this. This is translated into two things.

1. The raw materials have to be reusable with the same quality and without pollution.

2. All information rests in one management system: Extraction and production of raw materials, toxicity, logistics and management, the reuse, and the audits to check everything.

Project: ProRail

The furnishing of the new ProRail offices is part of the pilot of the Green Deal Circular Procurement. The essence of circular procurement is that the buyer guarantees that the products or materials are reused at the end of the useful lives in a new cycle. 

'ProRail and Ahrend take the initiative to put into action circular procurement. An important key step aiming to inspire others.’ 

according to Arnold Struik, Concept and Design Director at Ahrend

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