Ahrend Fund

For artists, designers and industrial designers

Royal Ahrend has had its own culture fund since 1997. The fund aims to encourage talent by helping (industrial) designers and artists financially.

The Ahrend Fund

The Ahrend Fund is part of the Prins Bernard Culture Fund, an advocate for culture, nature and science in the Netherlands and beyond. The Ahrend Fund was the first Culture Fund in the name of a company and aims to financially support special initiatives in the field of industrial and interior design. 

Eugène Sterken, CEO of Ahrend: “Ahrend stands for timeless and sustainable design, based on the idea that design is not a trend but a tradition. Styling and design are therefore key aspects in Ahrend’s thinking and actions. This is reflected not only in both our design concepts and our products, but also in our contribution to the development of talent. Setting up the Ahrend Fund is therefore an excellent way to provide financial resources for special initiatives in the field of industrial design and interior design.”

“The Ahrend Fund also fits perfectly within our CSR policy. With the fund we convert our social engagement into action and we encourage new and sustainable developments. It is an investment in the future of design and thus, indirectly, in the future of Ahrend itself”, according to Sterken.


Are you a young designer, artist or architect and would you like to apply for the Ahrend Fund? Please click here for more information (in Dutch).

Supported projects

Since as early as since 1997, the Ahrend Fund has supported the initiatives of (industrial) designers and artists. Below you will find a selection of the projects.

NTR Foundation: The Apple Core education project is looking for designers
A series of five TV episodes which showed how design can improve the world. That’s why we do not dispose of old items and materials, but we convert them into chairs; get people with motor problems ‘improvement cutlery’ and, for example, only eat from tables made out of wood from our own forests. Viewers who wanted to get going themselves could join in the design contest or attend a workshop at the Dutch Design Week. See the episodes here (in Dutch).

The ARCAM Foundation (Architecture Centre Amsterdam Foundation): manifestation day of Amsterdam Architecture
In 2013 and 2014 the Ahrend Funds also sponsored the organisation of the Amsterdam Architecture Day. During this two day manifestation, the foundation showed what hides behind the architecture and what the construction of the city of Amsterdam entails. Designers showed visitors the numerous buildings that are open to the public and urban planners talk all about their projects. In addition, visitors could let their creativity run wild at the various workshops and expositions. Click here for more information.

Hella Jongerius Exhibition – Misfits in the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum 
The Ahrend Fund has sponsored designer Hella Jongerius for her entire oeuvre in the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum. Hella Jongerius is internationally acknowledged as one of the leading designers of her generation. In the 1990s, Jongerius introduced imperfections and individuality into the industrial manufacturing process. Jongerius believes that the quality of craftsmanship is not legible in perfect products but only in the ‘misfits’ that betray the process and the hand of the maker. The exhibition offers visitors a unique overview of her work method, experiments and innovative products. More information is available here