Functional design

The core of ergonomics is job satisfaction. This is only possible in a safe and healthy environment with furniture that is perfectly adjustable. Health issues brought about as a result of a poor working posture can be prevented. With the Ahrend 2020 chair, the highest ergonomic standards as defined in NPR 1813 column 2, are more than exceeded.

Various studies have shown that most people do not set up their workplace correctly. They sit too low or too high, or make insufficient use of the extensive setting possibilities that their chair and table offer.

Ahrend has developed an appropriate and effective solution. Along with a nationwide service we offer ergonomic support (groups or individuals) through workplace and sitting instructions. This increases the productivity and job satisfaction of your employees.

Workplace and sitting instructions are usually given during the installation of a new device, but can also be introduced at a later date.

Surpass the standard

Health and Safety guidelines and standards such as BS and NPR are considered the highest standards in the field of ergonomics. For Ahrend it's a challenge to surpass even the most stringent standard. For example the Ahrend 2020 chair supports Smarter Working perfectly, it is so versatile and adjustable that it fits all. Custom gets a new meaning and sitting becomes a healthy exercise.

What is functional should also be beautiful, durable and ergonomic. The broad interpretation of functionality makes Ahrend design recognisable and timeless. Our design has won numerous awards both national and internationally. For us design is a tradition, not a trend. A tradition of innovation where everything revolves around people and work.