Fixed Working

Sometimes it seems like everyone is embracing  flexible working or working on the go, but that is not the case. Often there is a need to work for longer hours at the same place. This can be task-oriented where the focus lies, for instance, on a project. Or it may involve departments that often have a fixed location within the organisation. Examples of this may include administration, accounts, customer service and reception. 

In these cases it is advantageous to have the workplace furnished to a high standard. A good ergonomic office chair such as the Ahrend 2020 or  Ahrend 230 combined with the Ahrend Balance is a solid base, but there are furnishing solutions for all kinds of different situations.

Fixed Working does not necessarily have to be done in an office chair and at a desk. You can also do this on the Ahrend 750 Lounge. The chair and the table are fully adjustable and thus adaptable to the user's needs.
An open space can be functionally separated by the use of acoustic cabinets.
By using acoustic panels, an open office garden is created without compromising on the user’s concentration.
Working hours at the same workplace is most efficient when sitting and standing is alternated throughout the day.

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