Working from home

Furnished both tastefully and ergonomically

Working at the dining table is not a problem every now and then . But if you work at the same spot for a long time, we always recommend you set up a good home work station. Whether you work from  various locations or you are a freelancer, we can help advise you with your home work station finding you the right desk and the most suitable office chair.

Your right to request home working

In 2015 the Home Working Act was passed in the Netherlands. This Act gives employees the right to submit a request which obliges the employer to seriously consider the possibilities for working from home, some, if not all of the time. As a result (in consultation) employees can divide their working hours more easily, without feeling pressurised  into working less.

We have already helped multiple clients with setting up home work stations. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing about the opportunities available for your organisation and your employees.

Work can be done at any time and anywhere, even at the kitchen table. For a while it’s fine, but...
...for longer work we always recommend a well-equipped home work station.

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