Activity Based Working

Beyond alternative workplace strategies

Work and workplaces have been transformed over the past few decades,  the advent of new technologies have enabled new ways of working and made workers vastly more productive. Laptop computers and mobile phones have freed workers from their desks; today, the ubiquity of smartphones and ability to access information stored in the cloud is empowering people to work from anywhere.

At the same time, business models are being disrupted more often and faster than ever before. This increases the need for new, more productive and flexible ways of working. Fully supported by new technologies.  Activity Based Working (ABW) is an approach that provides workers with different activity settings tailored to the tasks they’re doing.

One of the most powerful tools for organisations to realise their ambitions will be the ability to create work environments that attract the best and most talented people and facilitate collaboration between them.

ABW brings out the best in people and organisations. It leads to an increase in wellbeing and productivity, added value, better knowledge sharing and financial benefits but above all, it gives flexibility. ABW enables your organisations to attract the best and most talented people and facilitate successful collaboration between them.

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