Tips for optimal acoustics

Six tips for optimal acoustics

  • Take acoustics into account at the beginning of the design phase of an area when looking at the interaction between people and activities in a space.
  • Design your working area so that there is as little disruption as possible. Encourage certain employee behaviour and make agreements such as no raised voices in the workspace.

  • Separate disturbing noise sources in a different area, such as printers and fans.
  • Rectify noise problems by using a combination of a good acoustic ceiling and vertical solutions such as absorbing panels.  

  • Use acoustic zones during the interior of the building. This way you ensure that noises of different working activities do not adversely affect each other.

  • Isolate disrupting noises. The Ahrend Flexbox is an example of a space-in-space solution in which disruptive noise can be prevented.

Tailored advice

Outstanding acoustics requires expert advice. We can help you find the right acoustic solution.

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