Our approach

We assess the nature and scale of your acoustic problem so we can create the best possible solution. For example we can analyse which activities take place in your work environment and the appropriate sound level for these activities. Our experts give advice depending on your specific needs.

'At Ahrend the wellbeing and productivity of your employees comes first. That is why, we advise and facilitate organisations with acoustic solutions'

As a general rule, an acoustic problem decreases when the sound is intercepted as closely as possible to the source. Sometimes relatively small measures, such as installing acoustic panels or cabinets with acoustic perforation can make a large difference. In other cases, a combination of measures is necessary for a good acoustic climate. Such as installing acoustic ceilings and floors. Our advice is to take acoustics into account as early as possible in the furnishing process. This prevents unnecessary costs and problems at a later stage.

Tailored advice

Are you interested in how Activity Based Working applies to your organisation? We would like to work alongside with you.

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