Avoid disturbing acoustics in the workplace

Open-plan working environments can now be found in almost every office. One of the biggest challenges that can arise from working in an open plan office is excessive noise. Several studies show that poor acoustics have a negative impact on productivity, health and wellbeing of employees. In short, enough reason to take acoustics in the workplace seriously. Our experts help you choose the right acoustic solutions.

"Good acoustics enhance the productivity and health of your employees"

Did you know that.. 

  • Less than a third (28%) of people who work in an open office is satisfied with the acoustics (Leesman Index, 2014)
  • Poor acoustics is the second most common complaint that workers have about their working environment.

  • Each interruption of concentration of 10-15 minutes causes a reduction in productivity of 10-15%.
  • Exposure to noise causes health risks, including cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stress, and sleeping disorders.

Tailored advice

Outstanding acoustics require expert advice. We can help you find the right acoustic solutions.

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