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Silence in the open working environment

Work environments change quickly. With open-plan offices, flexible spaces and multimedia, we’re more connected than ever. But at the same time, we’re more distracted and stressed than ever. Space-in-space boxes such as the Silence Meet bring silence to the open working environment. 


  • Sensor switches light and ventilation on and off automatically
  • Ergonomically designed table for mobile device use: 100% Plug & Play and standard electrification: 1 socket and 2 USB ports
  • Interior wall finish: 12 mm thick wool felt, soft and sound-absorbing
  • Dimensions exterior: 226 x 225 x 233 cm
  • Dimensions interior: 208 x 222 x 207 cm
  • Various configurations to choose from
  • Lighting and ventilation control panel with 1 socket and 2 USB ports
  • Pastille W182 P2 table lamp(s), black or white, integrated into table top
  • Table top in black, white or oak finish
  • Wide choice of upholstery for the outside of the box
  • Extra wide door for wheelchair accessibility
  • Occupancy indicator on top, so that it is visible from a distance whether the box is in use
Silence Meet Connect low, Well    landscapem

Discover Silence Meet

  • The Silence Meet offers enough flexibility to adapt the work environment without major changes.
  • The box moves easily with the changing office environment; movable thanks to wheels.
  • One of the best sound insulation products on the market.
  • Various configurations to choose from: there is a suitable solution for every activity.
‘Organisations should focus on work environments that meet the needs for privacy and focus, as much as for interaction and collaboration’

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Silence Meet Connect low, Well , Assist, Sliding Door Cabinet   landscapem
Silence Meet Connect low, Well    portraitm
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Smart PuK powered by Zens

The smart PuK powered by Zens is a sensor that measures whether a workplace is occupied. The PuK signals whether a workplace is potentially broken or needs maintenance or cleaning. With the PuK, you can also charge your phone or earbuds wirelessly. 

Video conferencing tools

For the best video conferencing experience, Ahrend works with Jabra. The Panacast cameras with built-in microphones and portable speakerphones of this brand can be used in the Silence Meet.

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